ARX 30 RWS equipped of the 30M781MPG gun replace both 12.7x99mm and 40mm Grenade Launcher RWS. 

The 30M781MPG gun is the land version of the electrically driven 30x113mm gun used on the Tigre helicopter. 

The ARX 30 can be proposed in 3 versions to adapt its missions. 



ARX 30: The ARX30 is tailored to defeat soft or lightly protected targets thanks to its surface / surface ability, the ARX 30 RWS replace both GL 40 and the 12,7x99mm RWS with a better practical range and terminal effect (due to its versatility of ammunition). 

ARX 30 NEROD: The ARX 30 surface/ surface ability is coupled with the NEROD C-UAV weapon providing a capacity of treatment by jamming against non-military drones. This capacity is enhanced by the addition of video tracking. 

ARX 30 C-UAV: This version is the last upgrade of the ARX®30, the adding of a radar on the vehicle (MATIA) provide an ability of detection and identification.
This upgrade coupled with the future ability of firing proximity fuze deliver to the ARX®30 a complete C-UAV function against mini and micro UAV (NATO UAS classification). 



  • Main armament: 30M781 MPG (land version 225rds/min)
  • Firing mode: Round by round, burst 5, burst 10, free
  • Ammunitions: 150 rounds ready to fire / all type of 30x113 and 1A/1W
  • Optical: Colinear
  • Operational Pointing: -10°/+ 50°
  • Velocity: 1,2 rad/s max / firing on the move
  • Stabilization: 2 axes
  • Integration: No-intrusion
  • Linkable: Battle Management System, PILAR

The ARX®30 provides a 360° protection with its capacity to neutralize infantry group and median protected land vehicles. It can be used for self- protection by infantry, convoy or static unit. The system is also tailored for urban area thanks to the versatility of munitions terminal effects. 

In a high intensity conflict, ARX®30 is a must-have considering its overmatch on smaller caliber and its comparable compactness and maneuverability. 

The ARX®30 can be used in very severe electromagnetic environment because of the 1A/1W NATO Standard Super Safe ammunition. 

While upgraded, the ARX®30 can enhanced its 360° protection ability against mini and micro UAV. 

This system can be adaptable on a large scale of plate- forms, from the 4x4 vehicle, to secondary armament for tank (with no intrusion) and robot. 

Following the global evolution to bigger caliber: 

  • Overmatch on 12.7x99mm + GL 40mm 
  • Terminal effect > 12.7x99mm + GL 40mm 
  • Practical range > 12.7x99mm + GL40mm 
  • Efficiency ratio turret system vs. weight 30x113mm > 12.7mm + GL40mm 
Multi mission: 
  • Large choice of ammunition = versatility of terminal effect
  • Adaptable on a large scale of vehicle • Light and mobile
  •  Firing on the move 

  • Weapon 30M781MPG: 
  • Caliber: 30mm 
  • Mono feed gun 
  • Practical Range: 1500 m 
  • Firing rate: Land 225 rounds/min. and possibility up to 720 rounds/min. 
  • Mean Recoil Force: 550 daN 
  • Ammunitions: 30x113mm (SAPHEI, AB, HEDP, TP, HEI)