Advanced Situational Awareness, Fully Stabilized & AI Algorithms in One Ultra - Light System

PITBULL Applications

  • Fits all manned and unmanned Ground, Air and Naval platforms
  • Suitable for static positioning to protect critical infrastructure and borders 
  • Full combat solution tailor made to clients specifications

With its smart algorithm, stability and top of the line optics, the PITBULL guarantees shots on target.


  • Light weight – 85 Kg, low silhouette - 60 cm.
  • Azimuth rotation NX360 ̊at a rate of 90 ̊per second.
  • Elevation – from approx. + 60 ̊to -30 ̊(machine gun dependent).
  • Digital Zoom x3.8 and Continuous Optical Zoom 26-105mm.
  • Dual axis stabilization & smart ballistic compute.r
  • Fits various machine guns such as M2 12.7 / FN MAG 7.62 / NEGEV 5.56 or 7.62 / Sig Sauer LMG / MMG.
  • Ultra low power consumption and MIL STD.

  • High definition, high frame rate, low latency day imaging sensor.
  • Thermal imaging with continuous optical zoom and autofocus. 
  • Eye Safe Laser Range Finder.
  • 2 rear cameras for weapon and ammunition management.
  • Automatic tracking and video motion detection.

  • All in one RCU – Touch Screen, Jacket with buttons and built in “Point to Point” TM and modular secured communication options.
  • AI Algorithms - “Point to Point” TM, autonomus capability system (ACS),
         Fire Inhibiting Zones (FIZ) & Target Prediction Algorithm (TPA).

  • Multi -layered firing safety system & multiple video views.

  • Wireless communication option.
  • Integrated Anti-Drone Jammer.
  • Integration to Radars and Fire Source Detectors. 
  • Automatic Target Recognition (ATR).