Tethered UAV System

Hardware and function part:

The main contents are as follows: 

1. The strong and weak electricity are separated. At present, the high voltage on the ground of the product (400 to 500V) has a switch for isolation, which can protect the operator from the danger of high voltage electric shock when taking in and unwinding the cable. 

Insurance (many manufacturers output high voltage 400V~800V when they turn on the cable). 

2. The cable can realize automatic take-off and take-off, and the pulling force and speed can be adjusted to match the aircraft with different take-off weight, the accuracy of take-off and take-off can be achieved. 

3. The starting voltage of the ground power supply can be adjusted in the range of 380-400V, and the high-voltage compensation voltage can be adjusted in the range of 400-450V, which can be adjusted according to the set voltage range. 

Dynamically compensate the voltage of the heavy load to enhance the load capacity of the aircraft, which can reach the parameter of 100m load 10kg at present. 

4. The product can be dragged and transported by one person, and the outer box can be waterproof, salt fog, wet and so on. The whole package has no outer hole, which can effectively protect the product. 

5. All the structural strength of the product is purchased according to the structural standard of military industry, which can be used in the environment of strong vibration.


Software and function part:

1. Self-test function: it can judge the connection status of each module and locate the problem in time. 

2. Judgment function: after the equipment starts, it can judge whether the winch winding position is normal or not, so as to avoid the danger caused by the sudden quick winding clamp to the finger when the winch is arbitrarily adjusted (the winch torque can reach 150kg tension). 

3. Alarm function: the system can accurately record the wire length, output voltage, output power and real-time temperature acquisition. If the set value is exceeded, it will be prompted automatically. 

Alarm; when the winch is not returned to 0 in the start-up stage when in use, in order to reduce personnel's hand injury, the system will automatically alarm and the aircraft can not pull the cable; cable.

Pulling out 90m and 95m will give an automatic alarm to prevent the aircraft from breaking over the length of the cable. 

Alarm when the cable is disconnected, and the work can be resumed directly after the connection is continued. 

4. Cable length display function, which can be accurate to 0.1m (can be raised to 0.01m). 

5. The secondary parameters of the system are shown in turn, including current voltage, power, current, working temperature of box and winch. 

6. voltage automatic follow function, ensure that the far-end voltage does not change, automatic compensation, functional peripherals, users can manually adjust the voltage according to the actual load

  1. TX1 Multi-rotor drone system 1Set    
  2. The 30 x Zoom Tri-sensor camera pod  1Unit  With laser range finder
  3. Tethered UAV base station 1Unit  
  4. Inverter  1Unit  

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  • Expanding dimensions 150*150*60        mm
  • Folding dimensions      100*100*60        mm
  • Wheelbase 1040 mm
  • UAV weight         11.3  kg
  • Cruising speed    43.2  km/h
  • Wind resistance  6       level
  • Operating temperature         -20-65        °C



  • The TX1 complete platform  Set    1       
  • Main Power System     Set    1       -
  •  Flight Control System  Set    1       -
  • Mobile Platform Following System Set    1       -
  • Navigation light system         Set    1       -
  •  Hi-Accuracy dual radio navigation system     Set    1       GPS+BDS+GLONASS
  • Integrated Data& Video link system        Set    1       30km
  • Emergency Lighting system   Set    1       60000 lumens; cover space of 1250sqm at 100m height
  • Control Tablet    Set    1       -
  • Tablet Smart Flight Control Software APP      Set    1     
  • Integration box for the ground system  Set    1       -
  • Spare Batteries 30000mah    Pair   1       -
  • Equipment battery     Unit  1       -
  • Transport box   Set    1       -


  • Imager sensor 1/2.8-typeExmor R CMOS
  • Lens 30x
  • Picture quality Full HD 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Minimum Colour: 0.01 |x(F1.6, AGC on, illumination* 1/30 s)
  • Digital zoom 12x (360× with optical zoom)
  • Defog.  
  • Image sensor 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS
  • Image sensor(Number of effective pixels) Approx.2.13 Megapixels

1080p/59.94,1080 p/50,1080 p/60, 1080p/30,1080p/29.97,1080 p/25,
Signal system 1080/59.94, 1080/50,1080/60,
10801/30,720p/59.94,720p/50, 720p/60, 720p/30, 720p/29.97, 720 p/25, NSC*1, PAL*I

  • Minimum illumination (50%)sensitivity
High Colour: 0.01 Ix (F1.6, AGC on, mode 1/30s)
Normal Colour: 0.1 Ix (F1.6, AGC on, mode 1/30s)
  • S/N ratio More than 50 dB
  • Auto/Manual 0 dB to 50.0dB (0
to 28 steps +2 step/ total 15 steps)
  • Gain
Max. Gain Limit 10.7 dB to 50.0 dB (6 to 28 steps +2 tep/total 12 steps)
  • Shutter speed 1/1 s to 1/10,000 s, 22 steps
  • Sync system Internal
  • Auto, Manual, Priority mode
  • Exposure control (shutter priority & iris priority),
  • Bright, EV compensation, Slow AE
  • Backlight compensation Yes
  • Aperture control 16 steps
  • White balance : Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix/Auto/Outdoor Auto), One-push, Manual
  • Lens (tele)30x optical zoom,f = 4.3 mm (wide) to 129.0 mm,F1.6 to F4.7
  • Digital zoom 12x (360 with optical zoom)
  • Focusing system Auto (Sensitivity: normal, low),One-push AF, Manual, Interval AF,Zoom Trigger AF, Focus compensation in ICR on
  • Horizontal viewing angle1080p mode 63.7° (wide end) to 2.3° (tele end)
        720p mode 63.7° (wide end) to 2.3° (tele end)
        SD 47.8° (wide end) to 1.7° (tele end)
  •  Minimum object distance10 mm (wide end) to1200 m (tele end)
(Default: 300 mm)
  • Horizontal FOV(°) : 24.6
  • Vertical FOV(°): 18.5
  • Diagonal FOV(°): 30.4
  • Detective Distance (Man:1.8×0.5 m): 735
  • Recognize Distance(Man:1.8x0.5 m): 184
  • Verified Distance (Man:1.8×0.5 m):92
  • Detective Distance(Car:4.2x1.8m): 2255
  • Recognize Distance(Car:4.2x1.8m): 564
  • Verified Distance (Car:4.2x1.8m): 282

Thermal Camera Spec

  • Resolution 640 x 480
  • Polar transformation   Black heat, white heat, fake color
  • Refrigeration Mode      Uncooled
  • NETD <=50mk@25
  • MRTD         <=65mk
  • Electrical ZOOM  2x4x
  • Video Stream Frame Rate     ≥25Hz
  • Target Size 16*16128*128pixel

Product specifications<o :p></o>

  • Optical Fiber Wire length110m
  • Cable weight1.8Kg
  • Output power supply: 6S/12S        
  • Power (output)3500W
  • Input voltage220Vac 50Hz. 
  • Tensile strength :50kg
  • Automatic release and collect system:Yes        
  • Optical fiberYes
  • Weight29 ±1kg
  • Size50x40x35    cm

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