UGV can perform counter-terrorism tasks such as enemy stronghold clearance, camp defense and denial, daily patrol and vigilance in high-threat battlefield environment and various complex terrain conditions, effectively reducing personnel casualties. Adopt vehicle family design, share drive steering bridge and other basic modules, facilitate multi-functional expansion of unmanned platform, ensure high off-road mobility and reliability, effectively reduce procurement and maintenance costs.

All-terrain unmanned vehicle
Remote control system
Autonomous control system (optional)
Dimensions (L×W×H, mm): ≤ 4500×2300×1700
Chassis Weight (kg): ≤ 2500
Loaded Weight (kg): ≥ 1500
Max Speed (km / h): ≥ 60
Average cross-country speed (km / h): ≥ 30
Range (km): ≥ 20/300 (pure electric/hybrid)
Steering mode: Ackermann, Crabwalk
Max climbing slope (°) : ≥32
Vertical wall height (m) : ≥0.4
Trench width (m) : ≥1.1