The JAGUAR, Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle (EBRC) is equipped with a threat detection system including an acoustic detonation tracking system, a laser warning detector and a missile launch detector connected to the SCORPION joint vetronics system. On-board simulation will allow the crew to train within a regiment without external means.


  • Off-road Mobility
  • Inflation Pression Variation (IFV) 
  • Highest NATO Standard: Ballistic Protection , Mine & IED protection, Smoke Galix
  • Armement: Broad spectrum of use 40mm cannon
  • Aiming +45°
  • Airburst Capability
  • 7.62mm Remote machine gun
Armed with the T40 turret and an anti-tank MMP Missile (MBDA) pod, JAGUAR offers both a recce and anti-tank capability from short range engagement up to 4,000 meters. Its 6 wheeled chassis provides high tactical mobility in any terrain and allows growth potential for an enhanced survivability, fitted for missions in various operational contexts,
from stabilization up to high intensity.
The Jaguar EBRC uses a 6x6 chassis featuring rear-axle steering, variable ground clearance, and 14R20 tires. The vehicle is motorized with a Diesel engine developing 500 hp. It can run at a maximum road speed of 90 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km.
  • Highest NATO Standard: 
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Mine & IED protection 
  • Smoke Galix
  • Armement: Broad spectrum of use 
  • 40mm cannon
  • Aiming +45°
  • Airburst Capability
  • 7.62mm Remote machine gun
  • Soft Kill Sensors
  • Missile departure detector
  • Laser alert detector
  • Fire departure detector
  • Day and night observation capability: 0 to 3,500m, 
  • up to +60°
The Jaguar EBRC is equipped with a stabilized panoramic sight for long-range surveillance and target identification, independent of turret orientation. The gun system is fitted with the CTAS controller which incorporates the control of the azimuth and elevation of the weapon along with the ballistic correction software, coincidence control of the weapon, and programming of the AirBurst rounds (GPR-AB-T and A3B). To increase its self-protection, the Jaguar EBRC is equipped with a laser warning system, a threat missile detection system, radio, and infrared jamming system. The standard equipment of the Jaguar EBRC also includes new command/control networking system, a central inflation system, and a run-flat system.

Operational capability 

Designed to face the new type of threats the new T40 turret family integrates the 40 CTA weapon system developed and produced by CTA International providing a high fire power, a strong reliability and compactness. Among this large family, the unmanned 40 CTA Turret has been conceived for the new generation of Infantry Fighting Vehicles to transport troops to the battlefield safely, but meanwhile being engaged in direct combat. 

The full digital unmanned 40 CTA turret offers many advantages such as: 

  • No intrusion in hull, offering the possibility to integrate a larger combat unit in the vehicle,
  • An important payload gain permitted by the unmanned turret, offering the possibility for the vehicle to be suited with an heavier armor allowing a better protection for the crew members,
  • The capacity to retrofit any type of vehicles
    thanks to its fully remote architecture and its overhead configuration, optimizing carrier protection and logistic support chain.